Janoska Ensemble

Workshop 2022


Held in the beautiful campus of AMADEUS International School Vienna (the first All Steinway School in Austria), this is an important workshop curated for all aspiring young musicians.


After a very successful 2021 year, the AMADEUS Festival Vienna will be holding our second Janoska Ensemble Workshop. Musicians can have an insight to their amazing and unique style of music, as well as perform alongside them at the end of the workshop. The experience each musician will get will be beneficial to each, contributing to their musical paths.


All lodging are double beds in ensuite rooms within the AMADEUS International School Vienna campus. There are 21 Steinway family pianos and ample rooms for practice and rehearsals. A perfect venue to make new friends and burnish old ties.


We are sure that in 2022 the Janoska Ensemble Workshops will exceed our expectations us again. We hope to see many of our future stars become our founding participants.


For further enquiries, please contact masterclass@amadeusfestival.wien

Janoska StyLe Workshop 2022

2 July & 3 July 2022



janoska ensemble

The “Janoska Style” is a new, jointly created musical vision of classical music. Today “Janoska Style” also stands for a “golden” CD of the same title, released by Deutsche Grammophon, and has risen to become the distinctive brand of the Janoska Ensemble. But above all else, the “Janoska Style” is a musical stroke of luck.


It would take a long time to list all the biographical and artistic ingredients that make up this style and render it possible, day after day after day. Even if reduced to basic elements, the list would still require a lot of space. First, there’s the Janoska Ensemble’s comprehensive grasp of thousands of volumes of music, a constant source of new themes and motifs. They draw not only on the venerable cosmos of classical music but on other genres as well, often “lighter” ones more familiar to the generally younger members of their audience. Their arrangements thus unite contrasting musical universes and equally contrasting fans. The Janoskas’ uniqueness lies in the great breadth and infectious panache of these fusions: all four members are solo artists of superlative technique and artistry. Not only have they enjoyed top-calibre musical educations, they’ve also mastered ensemble playing and spontaneous improvisation since early childhood. The schooling, training and experience that form the elemental artistic fibre of the Janoskas are augmented by three further success factors: the esprit of unbridled creativity, an appetite for discovery and an unbounded joy in ensemble music-making.


This visible and audible joy infects their audiences over and over again. No matter which continent they happen to be touring, every evening these four top-drawer musicians bring cheering audiences to their feet. The reason is simple: they radiate passionate musical moods and feelings, amaze with explosive virtuosity and pristine execution, spread cheer with subtle humour and create moments of delight that border on genius and defy verbal description.


It would be a glaring omission to overlook an important education element of their artistry: the musicians of the Janoska Ensemble are happy to impart their solid knowledge. For years, and with growing frequency, they’ve held workshops and master-classes in many countries. Not only do they give instruction on how to play, they also, and especially, encourage young up-and-coming musicians to find styles of their own and to venture forth from classical music into the world of improvisation. The many delighted faces and fascinating comments of their students prove that these four ambassadors of the “Janoska Style” are no less successful as artistic midwives!


Ondrej janoska plays on the Carlo Ferdinado Landolfi ca.1760 from the Goh Family Collection.



Please fill out the form provided in the following link: JANOSKA ENSEMBLE WORKSHOP 2022

Deadline for registrations: June 7, 2022




Janoska Style Workshop

  • 4 group sessions (45 mins per session) 2 & 3 July 
  • Performance with Janoska Ensemble on 3 July
  • AMADEUS Festival Vienna Pass for the following concerts: Young Artists Programme & Janoska Ensemble
  • Price: EUR 100.00 (Includes registration fee of EUR 50.00)


*Registration fee is non-refundable. All prices include VAT.