Many would ask: “Why another music and cultural event in Vienna? “

To us, Vienna can never get enough of TOP class music and culture which makes this place such a great cultural city of the world. This festival brings together TOP musicians from all over the world to the lush green grounds of AMADEUS International School Vienna.

We are committed to being part of cultural summer in Vienna for many more years to come, and we are sure that this city will nurture our event into a world-class stage. 

This is “WHY’ we bring to you, AMADEUS Festival Vienna.

Interview about AMADEUS Festival Vienna on National TV

Mrs Karen Goh, owner of the AMADEUS International School Vienna and Director of AMADEUS Festival Vienna, was interviewed on Austria’s National TV, Seitenblicke.

Together with esteemed Artists, she speaks about her support and the launch of the Festival in Vienna.

Although Amadeus International School Vienna is not a 'Musikschule', she believes in bringing the best Artists & their performances to the school. A school that can harness potential young musicians too.

No compromise even with instruments.

We are grateful to Angelika Kirchschlager, Janoska Ensemble, Igudesman & Joo, Yury Revich, and more for their belief and zest to give the best to our old and young listeners.

Watch the interview below.


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The inaugural AMADEUS Festival Vienna takes place in Vienna Währing, on the grounds of the former Semmelweis Frauenklinik which now is the AMADEUS International School Vienna. The open-air stage with over 300 seats finds itself among the luscious greeneries of the prestigious 18th district. Just minutes away from the bustle of the city centre, a new cultural centre will emerge, just outside the city centre of Vienna.




The AMADEUS International School Vienna in Währing, which is operated by Themes Vienna Limited & Co KG, has been one of Vienna's top private schools since its foundation in 2012. This is also reflected in the annually increasing number of students. Currently 270 students attend the educational institution. More than 45 nationalities are represented at the location. The AMADEUS International School Vienna has permanent publicity rights and is authorised by the "International Baccalaureate Organisation" to run the IB educational programmes.




Karen Goh

» Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the spirit, flight power to the imagination, magic to sadness and joy and life to all things.« Platon

Dear festival visitors!

The summer 2021 sees the birth of AMADEUS Festival Vienna.

Vienna, the birthplace of many musical giants, the breeding ground of countless musical, artistic, philosophical and political movements will see another exciting music festival being born. This festival will see the classics performed by artists of the highest level. 

A thrilling cast of artists featuring Angelika Kirchschlager, Janoska Ensemble, Igudesman & Joo, Yury Revich, Brendan Goh, Simply Quartet and more will be joined with a string of Masterclasses with renowned professors from highly reputable institutions, namely Pavel Vernikov, Svetlana Marakova, Jennifer Stumm, Li-Wei Qin and Jura Margulis.

One special mention in this Masterclass series is a workshop by the Janoska Ensemble. A unique experience for all who wishes to learn the unique styles from this outstanding ensemble. 

Another unique feature of the AMADEUS Festival Vienna is the appearance of some instruments from the Goh Family Collection. These instruments have been extended to Yury Revich (1709 Stradivari), Li-Wei Qin (1780 Giuseppe Guadagnini), Ondrej Janoska (c.a. 1760 Carlo Ferdinando Landolfi) and Brendan Goh (1844 JB Vuillaume).

My humble thanks to our sponsors, official partners, my team, family & friends who believe in, and support this project. AMADEUS Festival Vienna will be a name to remember for a very long time to come ...




Mrs Karen Goh
Festival director

festival TEAM


Mrs. Karen Goh

Festival Director


Artistic Director

Dana goh

Visual Arts Coordinator


DR. Samuel de leon paez

Marketing Specialist


Josip petrovic

Marketing Support


Simone sgarbanti

Young Artist Programme Assistant


Operational Manager

Mag.Alexandra Gruber

Financial Advisor


Ben opferkuh

IT - Support

Anna weingant


Oscar Delgado sosa

Video Producer