The AMADEUS Festival Vienna would like to share our sincere appreciation to our sponsors for their ongoing support.  

The festival is fully supported by our esteemed partners who are driving us towards our goal in developing a strong cultural center in ViennaWith their commitment to the preservation of the Arts & Music industry, we can create fantastic opportunities for young & developing artists to flourish. 

It is incredible to see all our sponsors adapt to the current global situation and show unprecedented support for the Arts. Many artist have been subject to prolonged unemployment due to the nature of their work. We are at a critical time to support artists to ensure the future of the Arts & Music industry remains a strong foothold in Vienna. 

Amadeus Festival CIrcle of friends

Be part of our journey! Be a Volunteer !!!

Join us in shaping this unique cultural event in the 18th district of Vienna. Look behind the scenes on how the AMADEUS Festival Vienna is built one step at a time. Your contributions will go towards building this unique music and arts event, and ensuring its continuity year after year.